Monday, April 5, 2010

April's SAL update is a little late

Sorry my SAL update for this month is a little late but I have been very busy and not feeling well.

Don't know if mentioned I have Lupus. Most of my days are good but there are times when my body gives in and calls for a break. I have been down and out the last few weeks. Had massive headaches and vomiting for four days and when that was over the left side of my arm was in pain/numb. As of today my arm is still achy/numb but not as much. Will be seeing the doctor tomorrow again.

Hope you understand now when I inform you not all my SALs got stitched. The following are the SALs I did finish before my Lupus Fl aired.

OakHaven Design Month SAL

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL

Many Year Sampler SAL. Part Six. Half way done.

That is all I have on updates. Pray my arm gets better and I can get back into my stitching routine. See you next month.


  1. You've made some good progress. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hiya!! It's me! You are doing great with your work from the OHD SAL!! Hugs!!!