Monday, February 1, 2010

End of month SAL updates

January was come and gone but the SALs are here to stay...LOL.

Kaliedoscope Snow Checker SAL. I decided to stitch all the blocks and stitch a roll a month. If I keep up with that schedule I should be finished before the end of September. Fingers crossed. Here is the blocked stitched.

Many Years Sampler SAL. Began this one in 2008. Back at it again. Finally completed part 4 of 12.

Brooke's Books Alphabet SAL. Completed A and B. Will be adding the beads later.

Monopoly SAL. Did not pick it up this month. Bad girl!

Mary Wigham SAL. Just began it.

Rose Garden SAL. It is a large piece. But i am loving it. Patterns are given bi-monthly I have til the end of February to finish part 1. It is a 2 year project.

Papillion Creations SAL-Castles in the Air. Had a little set back on part 5. I had to rip the whole thing because I missed one spray of water on the fountain in part 4. Put is aside until. Fountin is fixed and part 5 is stitched. Watch out part 6 here I come.

OakHaven Month SAL. It is a quick stitch.

Till the end of next month with another progress report. See you then.