Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Many Year Sampler finished & updates

So proud of myelf because I have been able to finish so many SAL I thought I was never going to finish. I still have several more SALs to go or catch up to but happy with the progress I have made. Hoping I do not get tied done with a new SAL in 2011...I am a sucker for SALs.

FINISHED: Many Year Sampler. I began this one in 2008. I it finished. Love it.

Mary Wigham Sampler- finish part 1 of 9. I did change the color Ecru for 3042 (purple) The Ecru was blending in so much you could not see it. Thought to touch of purple was nicer.

Brooke's Books Stitchers Alphabet-complete I and J

I have completed November of OakHaven monthly SAL but I have yet to take a picture. Can not wait for Tonia to send December so that I can complete another SAL.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another SAL finish

I have another SAL finishand a SAL update. Still behind but know with time it will be completed.

Completed: Kaliedocope Snow Checkers SAL by OneCrazyStitcher.

Update on OakHaven Designs 2010 Monthly SAL

Many Year Sampler SAL part 9& 10 of 12

Guess what is holding me back from finishing other SAL's is projects that have come up. Small stitching and sewing projects. Holidays are around the corner and I may slow down Later

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sorry I had not posted updates but the summer hit me. Children home from school, family visiting, doing rehab for spin, Doctors appointments, puppy having five cute puppies, finding home for pups, preparing kids for school and I will not lie facebook has taken over. I was so ready to send them back to school; ready for my time. It was taken me a while to get back into routine and to wing off of facebook but it is slowing happening. I do have a SAL finished and have progressed on a some SAL's

A FINISH: So proud of my finished project. Contest Piece for Stickideen von der Wiehenburg

Another finished was a Summer SAL with OakHaven Designs call Seasons House

This is the Monthly SAL for OakHaven Designs

Kaliedocope Snow Checkers SAL

Have fallen behind on some of my SALs but as I have stated before they will never become UFO, THY WILL GET FINISHED or at leased worked on again soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update for May

I did have my Spinal surgery on May 7th. Was told to take it easy, no heavy lifting, or driving. That is actually what I did. I have plenty of updated on my SAL's to show up. Did alot of sitting and stitching.

Oakhaven 2010 SAL-May

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL-roll 4 / half done

Many Year Sampler-part 8 of 12

Rose Garden SAL- part 3 (first part)

Brooke's Books Alphabet SAL- G and H

Papillion Creations/Castles in the Air SAL-part 7

Stitching Contest SAL with Wiehenburg- Almost completed

As you can see I keep myself busy. Hope to finish the Stitching Contest SAL this month and continue to work on and catch up on my Papillion SAL. Doing Physical Therapy. See you next month for my June updates. ~Hugs and Happy Stitching to all.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Another SAL update.

If you read my last post you are aware I was not feeling well for the last half of the month. I still am not 100% but have found out what my problem is. I was diagnose with Spinal Stenosis. That would explain the pain, numbness and weakness of my left arm. Surgery is my only option. Schuduled for Spinal sugery next week. I don't know if I would be able to stitch during 3 to 6 month recovery time. Will be using a neck brace. I did try my hardest to catch up on my SALs. Her is what I was able to complete.

OakHaven 2010 monthly SAL- April

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL- roll 3

Brook's Books Stitcher's Alphabet SAL- E and F

Many Years Sampler SAL- part 7

Rose Garden SAL - 4 pieces / part 2

Full view of Rose Garden

I don't know why but I entered a Stitching Contest SAL (It needs to be completed by November) I may not win but it is a beautiful stitch from Stickidean von der Wiehenburg. I am using DMC variation #4030 and stitching on 25 count evenweave

This is the begining

Monday, April 5, 2010

April's SAL update is a little late

Sorry my SAL update for this month is a little late but I have been very busy and not feeling well.

Don't know if mentioned I have Lupus. Most of my days are good but there are times when my body gives in and calls for a break. I have been down and out the last few weeks. Had massive headaches and vomiting for four days and when that was over the left side of my arm was in pain/numb. As of today my arm is still achy/numb but not as much. Will be seeing the doctor tomorrow again.

Hope you understand now when I inform you not all my SALs got stitched. The following are the SALs I did finish before my Lupus Fl aired.

OakHaven Design Month SAL

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL

Many Year Sampler SAL. Part Six. Half way done.

That is all I have on updates. Pray my arm gets better and I can get back into my stitching routine. See you next month.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Progressing in SALs

It is the first of March and time to update how I did with my SALs. Let me inform you that again I had difficult fitting in the Monopoly SAL into my rotations. My head hangs low. I am proud I have been keeping up on the others. With no farther delays here are my progress.

2010 Months SAL by OakHaven Designs

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL
First roll done

Many Year Sampler SAL. Part five completed

Brooke's Books Alphabet SAL Completed C and D.

Papillion Creations Castles in the Air. Completed Part 6

Completed Part one of Rose Garden SAL by WDC Designs

Mary Wigham SAL. This is the SAL that travels with me to appointment and keeps me company in the waiting area. For same reason I did not have to wait very long in my appointments this month so did not get much stitching done but did stitch. This is my progress.

Continue following me on my progress and leave comments. With your encouragement I will continue to stay on top of my SALs and not fall behind. See you next month.

Monday, February 1, 2010

End of month SAL updates

January was come and gone but the SALs are here to stay...LOL.

Kaliedoscope Snow Checker SAL. I decided to stitch all the blocks and stitch a roll a month. If I keep up with that schedule I should be finished before the end of September. Fingers crossed. Here is the blocked stitched.

Many Years Sampler SAL. Began this one in 2008. Back at it again. Finally completed part 4 of 12.

Brooke's Books Alphabet SAL. Completed A and B. Will be adding the beads later.

Monopoly SAL. Did not pick it up this month. Bad girl!

Mary Wigham SAL. Just began it.

Rose Garden SAL. It is a large piece. But i am loving it. Patterns are given bi-monthly I have til the end of February to finish part 1. It is a 2 year project.

Papillion Creations SAL-Castles in the Air. Had a little set back on part 5. I had to rip the whole thing because I missed one spray of water on the fountain in part 4. Put is aside until. Fountin is fixed and part 5 is stitched. Watch out part 6 here I come.

OakHaven Month SAL. It is a quick stitch.

Till the end of next month with another progress report. See you then.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Am I a SAL starter???

You got it right I added to my SAL list:

My son reminded me I need to begin his Monopoly SAL again. Good thing this SAL is ongoing

I also will begin another 2 year SAL. Rose Garden. I do not have a picture to post yet but will once I finish part 1. It is a large piece 500 x 600. Not sure what I was

I guess you can call me a Serial SAL Starter...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My SAL's

This Blogger was created at first to follow a SAL I am beginnig which is the Brooke's Book Alphabet SAL. Then reliazed I had several SAL's I plan to finish this year. A light bulb went on...I will make this blogger for all my SAL's !!!
The following are the SAL's I am working on:

Brooke's Book Alphabet SAL.
I have not began. Waiting on fabric

Many Year Sampler SAL.
I should have finished this one a long time ago. SAL began in 2008.

Mary Wigham SAL.
I began today

Kaliedscope Snow Checkers SAL.
Began yesterday.

Papillion Crations SAL- Castles in the Air
It is a 2 year Mystery SAL. This is were I am on the Papillion SAL at this time.

I also have many WIP...I refuse to call them UFO.