Monday, March 1, 2010

Progressing in SALs

It is the first of March and time to update how I did with my SALs. Let me inform you that again I had difficult fitting in the Monopoly SAL into my rotations. My head hangs low. I am proud I have been keeping up on the others. With no farther delays here are my progress.

2010 Months SAL by OakHaven Designs

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL
First roll done

Many Year Sampler SAL. Part five completed

Brooke's Books Alphabet SAL Completed C and D.

Papillion Creations Castles in the Air. Completed Part 6

Completed Part one of Rose Garden SAL by WDC Designs

Mary Wigham SAL. This is the SAL that travels with me to appointment and keeps me company in the waiting area. For same reason I did not have to wait very long in my appointments this month so did not get much stitching done but did stitch. This is my progress.

Continue following me on my progress and leave comments. With your encouragement I will continue to stay on top of my SALs and not fall behind. See you next month.


  1. Everything looks so good, Alphabet SAL is just adorable and Many Year looks almost done, but don't know how many parts you have left. Keep it up.

  2. Hats off to you for working on so many SAL's!!! Nice progress on all of them.

  3. Wonderful stitching, you are working on a lot of projects at once!
    Debra S

  4. Great progress on all your SALs.


  5. Wow - awesome progress on all your stitching and SAL's!

  6. WOW!! your smoking those needles!! im not even half way through the rose garden LOL.. STUNNING SAL's!! hugs lou x

  7. That's a lot of SAL's to keep up with. They all look great.
    Katrien - ILCS

  8. WOW you must have smoking needles :) Great progress on all your SAL.

  9. I still don't know how you manage to work on so many SALs but you are doing an awesome job!!

  10. My goodness Mary....that's a lot of SAL's! I can't even keep up with Castles and my couple of BAP WIP's, let alone do that many at once! I bow down to you! Keep up the good work. :)

  11. Mary, I think your SALs are coming along wonderfully. How do you manage? I can only work on one or two at a time lol. Keep up the good work,
    Susan (snowaddictedstitchers)

  12. Mary your stitching is wonderful You have some interesting projects on the go

  13. No idea how you manage so many SAL's I only have 3 but can't find time to fit 2 of them in! Looking great though, you're putting a lot of us to shame LOL!

  14. WOW great stitching!!! How'd u hear of the SAL contest? The design looks great!! IDK if I could keep up on so many SALs!!!