Friday, April 30, 2010

Another SAL update.

If you read my last post you are aware I was not feeling well for the last half of the month. I still am not 100% but have found out what my problem is. I was diagnose with Spinal Stenosis. That would explain the pain, numbness and weakness of my left arm. Surgery is my only option. Schuduled for Spinal sugery next week. I don't know if I would be able to stitch during 3 to 6 month recovery time. Will be using a neck brace. I did try my hardest to catch up on my SALs. Her is what I was able to complete.

OakHaven 2010 monthly SAL- April

Kaliedoscope Snow Checkers SAL- roll 3

Brook's Books Stitcher's Alphabet SAL- E and F

Many Years Sampler SAL- part 7

Rose Garden SAL - 4 pieces / part 2

Full view of Rose Garden

I don't know why but I entered a Stitching Contest SAL (It needs to be completed by November) I may not win but it is a beautiful stitch from Stickidean von der Wiehenburg. I am using DMC variation #4030 and stitching on 25 count evenweave

This is the begining


  1. All your SAL's are coming along very nicely. I really do love the thread you are using in the last one. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

  2. I love your stitching especialy the one due in Nov I am in the same one but I am having a hard time deciding on the floss but I do have it narrowed down I won't win eith bit it is so pretty I feel like I won just to be able to stitch it

  3. Wow...those are some great stitch-a-longs. You sure have many going at the same time. It makes me proud to know that you are doing that means I can feel pretty good about all my projects that are started and rotated in and out of my stitching time! ;)
    Sorry to hear about you not feeling well. I am glad that you have a diagnosis and a solution as well. As you prepare for surgery, know that my thoughts will be with you for a quick recovery and fabulous results!
    alicia in Hawaii

  4. Everything looks great, those alpha block are still my favorite, probably all the beads, must be a pain though. Like the new one as well, nice color choice. Good luck with your surgery.

  5. You have some nice projects going Mary.
    I Do hope your surgery goes well.
    Take Care.
    Murf :)

  6. Wow - caught up with all those SAL, and each one is so pretty! Sending healing thoughts your way for a quick and thorough recovery!

  7. Wow - all these SAL's look fantastic! Hope your surgery and recovery go well.

  8. Your SALs are beautiful especially the rose garden.

    Will be praying for you that your surgery and recovery go well for you.


  9. So many beautiful pieces - I don't know how you keep track of them all.

  10. I am sorry to hear about your surgery.I hope you have a speedy recovery and able to stitch as you heal. Your SALs are coming along great.

  11. Your SAL look awesome I love your color choice for your NOV project it is one of my favorite variations.

  12. All of your SAL WIPs are looking fantastic. I especially love the colors in your Garden piece. Good luck on the contest piece.

  13. They look wonderful. Good luck with your surgery and hope you have a fast recovery.