Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 SAL goals

Ofcourse my unfinished 2010 SALs will be added to 2011 SALs list.
~Brooke's Books Stitchers Alphabet SAL
~Monopoly SAL
~Papillion Creations Castles in the Air SAL
~WDC Rose Garden SAL
~Mary Wingham SAL

Following are new SAL for 2011
~Air Force Emblem. This is a project I promised my cousin Linda to do for her husband. Adding it to the SAL will keep me on track (no picture yet)
~Beatrix Potter SAL. Follow stitcher, Carla R., presented this one to me (no picture yet)
~A year of Coffee SAL

~Northern Nights SAL

A year in review for 2010

Even thru I did not finish all my SAL goals for 2010 I did have several finished.
OakHaven 2010 Monthly SAL

Kaliedocope Snow Checkers SAL by OneCrazyStitcher.

Many Year Sampler.
Contest Piece for Stickideen von der Wiehenburg